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Why not me, why not now?

Meet the NaAC's Professional track Film Ensemble.

Kathy M. Austin, Jody Lynn Roll and Paul Brain sit in chairs for an interview.
Kathy M. Austin, Jody Lynn Roll and Paul Brain are members of the National accessArts Centre's Film Ensemble. (CBC)

If you're not familiar with the National accessArts Centre, they're an organization that provides training, creation, exhibition, and presentation opportunities for artists with disabilities.

I recently discovered the Professional-track Film Ensemble that the NaAC hosts, which is a cohort of filmmakers who meet weekly to expand their practice and explore new ways of creating film & media. 

Jody Lynn Roll, Paul Brain, and Kathy M. Austin are three artists currently taking part in this project and sat down with CBC to discuss their art and experiences as disabled creatives.

Watch the interviews for all three artists below!

Meet three artists from the National accessArts Centre’s Film Ensemble | CBC News
Film Ensemble members from the National accessArts Centre (NaAC) share about the program, their art practices, and how NaAC supports them as artists.

For Albertan subscribers: this week, all three artists have films being screened at the Contemporary Calgary Arts Society on April 4th. You can check out their films and reserve your free pass here!

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