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Here are some answers to some common questions we get!

If you still have questions or need more information, please send us your question at

What arts experience do I need to join the community?

The community is open to Deaf and Disabled artists and creatives from all backgrounds, interests, and levels of experience. If you’re into art, this is the space for you!

What lived experience do I need to join the community?

Claiming disability as an identity is not the same experience for everyone. Disability as an identity can have repercussions for some and be empowering for others. You do not have to prescribe to any concept of “lived experience” to be here, if you have experience living with a disability, you’re welcome to join!

How much does it cost to join?

If you’re an artist or creative with a disability, access to the community is free! 

If you don’t identify as a creative with a disability but want to stay in the know on what’s happening in disability arts, check out our membership plans for allies and cultural workers.

What’s the difference between a Community Member and a Paid Member?

Creative Connector Community Members are artists or creatives with disabilities who want to find accessible opportunities, disability community and be discovered by others in the arts. Benefits include having an artist profile on the community directory, access to member’s Slack space, and free access to programming and meetups. To learn how you can become a community member, visit our artists page

Creative Connector Paid Members are monthly or yearly supporters with or without disabilities who want to stay informed on the latest standards and best practices that go into creating accessible arts experiences and help us keep the lights on. Benefits include regular email resources, in addition to other perks. To learn about how you can become a paid member, visit our membership page.

If I join the community, who can see my profile?

The community is a public directory, so anyone who has the link can see profiles on the community. If you would like to remain hidden, you can make your profile private!

I no longer want to be a part of this community. How do I stop?

For community members, visit our contact us page and let us know you would like to delete your account. We will remove you from the Slack community as well.

For paid members, you can cancel your membership anytime by logging into your account and unsubscribe.

How can I give my feedback?

We would love to hear from you! Visit the feedback page to report any issues or barriers you encounter or just to share your thoughts with us.

What if I need assistance or have a concern?

Please get in touch with us! Contact us