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It goes without saying, accessibility is important to us. According to WebAIM 96.3% of websites fail to meet web accessibility standards.

People with disabilities are often excluded from online spaces both as users and as designers. As a disability-led platform, we’re committed to doing things differently, putting our community at the helm of designing user experience and delivering services that meet our needs.


If you discover any issues or barriers while using this site, please let us know! Use this form to submit your feedback about the site.

Community Directory

In 2022, we invested a total of 19 hours working with 66 individuals with disabilities and arts organizations to build an accessible and usable experience for the Creative Connector Beta Community Directory.

We’ve made it our priority to put accessibility at the forefront of every conversation throughout the process of building the Creative Connector online community.

Our approach involved thorough reviews by a dedicated web accessibility specialist to make sure WGAC guidelines are met and working with community members and stakeholders to the test site and explore barriers that are may not be included in any standards.

Features of Community Directory

We’ve built the site in a way that allows us to implement custom accessibility features such as:

Site readability is supported by:

  • Brand colours adjusted to reduce eye strain
  • Large minimum font size
  • Use of simple, plain language

Screen reader and keyboard users are supported by:

  • Adding contextual information for screen reader users when needed
  • Hiding text that explains icons
  • Adding skip links to skip to main content
  • Custom focus states for people using their keyboard to navigate

What we’re still working on

We’ve worked with our community to do a considerable amount of testing on our directory, however, we are still working on a few issues that might come up as you’re navigating the site. Issues we’re aware of:

  • Page titles are not announced for screen readers – skip link sends users to content by default
  • Help text not announced by screen reader
  • Profile creation steps start at 0 for screen reader users
  • Required fields are announced twice by screen readers
  • Logo link does not have a visible focus state

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us.