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What is weakness for you?

Inside: The work of Molly Joyce.

Molly Joyce plays her vintage toy organ.
Molly, a white female with brown hair in a bun, plays her vintage toy organ. She is wearing a black outfit and the photo is taken from her left side, with a yellow/orange glare over the organ.

I wanted to share the work of Molly Joyce.

Her most recent album, Perspective, features forty-seven disabled interviewees responding to what access, care, and interdependence mean to them.

Praised by Pitchfork as “a powerful work of love and empathy that underscores the poison of ableism in American culture," the project has seen multiple formats, ranging from in-person installation, dance performance, to virtual and interactive talkbacks.

Molly is a composer, performer, and recording artist currently based in New York. She explores disability through composition, performance, and community engagement and holds a Master of Arts in Disability Studies from the City University of New York.

You can listen to Perspective wherever you stream music.

Check out Pitchfork's review of the album.

Molly Joyce: Perspective
Read Allison Hussey’s review of the album.

Molly Joyce discusses all things Perspective in an interview below.

Molly Joyce explains her piece “Perspective”
Watch my interview with US-based new music composer MollyJoyce on her piece “Perspective”. It is an ongoing project featuring disabled interviewees respondi…

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