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Unseen Sound

Spatial audio and reorienting lived experiences of real and virtual space.

A screenshot from Andy Slater's guided tour of "Unseen Sound."
"Unseen Sound" by Andy Slater.

I love keeping tabs on what artists from our directory are getting up to.

Last year, we ran an online disability arts residency called Sensory Shift that included workshops and member meetups exploring themes of community, rest, joy, and play.

Andy Slater, one of our guest artists-in-residence, recently launched "Unseen Sound", a virtual experience that invites users to navigate a non-visual space entirely by sound.

These sounds activate real-time sonic descriptive texts that appear on a large monitor in the installation. You can read more about the project below.

Unseen Sound | CripTech Incubator | Leonardo/ISAST

Experience the installation as a guided tour:

Unseen Sound guided tour 
Unseen SoundARTISTAndy SlaterYEAR2023Exhibition: E.A.A.T. Experiments in Art, Access, and Technology, Beall Center for Art and Technology, UC Irvine. Sept 20…

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