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Book plug: The Suspect We

An interview about the evolution of a collaboration during a pandemic.

A testimonial from bill bisset printed on the back of The Suspect We.
Praise for The Suspect We by bill bisset

Today's read:

Enjoy this interview with Shane Neilson and Roxanna Bennett about their collaborative poetry collection, The Suspect We, which explores ableism in the pandemic.

In The Suspect We, Roxanna Bennett and Shane Neilson work together to make a documentary poetics concerning pandemic conditions for the mad, neurodivergent, and disabled.

Takeaway: ❤️ This excerpt from Roxanna Bennett, which I may print and tape to my wall:

Never take advice from other poets. Never take advice from anyone, point blank. You don’t need it. Trust your own experience. Develop your intuition & guard that relationship with your life. Treat your work like a garden, know when it needs nurturing & space to flourish, know when it needs prudent pruning. Don’t be afraid of the stinky compost, that’s where the treasure is. Other poets are not your competition or your enemies. There is enough space for everyone to play on the playground, we can all hang out & have fun. Be kind to everyone, particularly yourself.
Shane Neilson & Roxanna Bennett’s Collaborative Poetry Collection Explores Ableism in the Pandemic & CanLit
The pandemic lockdowns were an isolating, complex time that were difficult in myriad ways for everyone effected. But for people with disabilities, mental…

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