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Disability across borders

In this interview, Peter Torres talks to Christian Tasso about his photograph series, "No One Excluded".

Black and white photo of an old woman looking tenderly at a small goat in her arms.
Khövsgöl Province, Mongolia, 2017 by Christan Tasso

Today's read:

From Disability Debrief, is this lovely interview with Peter Torres and photographer Christian Tasso about his “No One Excluded” project, a series of portraits of disabled people from sixteen countries. Christian shares how talking with activists and his subjects led him to challenge expectations on disability by focusing on ordinary lives.

Disability Debrief is a specialist guide to disability news from around the world. It's enjoyed by the disability-curious and used by the disability community in efforts for change.

Christian Tasso Home Page, Artist Photographer, He works on Humanity.

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