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the art of documentary

Oscar nominee Jim LeBrecht hosts the Academy's new podcast, a deep dive into the world of docs.

A image of a documentary film set.
A behind the scenes picture of co-director Jim LeBrecht working on the documentary “Crip Camp.”
Through an examination of their films, careers and creative process, each episode offers a unique perspective on the art of documentary filmmaking.

Recently, I discovered "The Art Of Documentary," a new Academy Original podcast hosted by award-winning filmmaker and sound designer Jim LeBrecht. 

I first became aware of Jim and his work back in 2020 with the release of Crip Camp (an Oscar-nominated documentary that he starred in and produced). Flash forward four years, and that film has stayed with me ever since. In this latest project of his, Jim has in-depth conversations with some of the most talented and groundbreaking documentary filmmakers of our time.

‎The Art of Documentary on Apple Podcasts
‎TV & Film · 2023

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