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Tailored to Fit 👌

Cornelius Quiring's platform is all about learning how to make and tailor clothing to your body.

Screenshot of a tutorial where Cornelius teaches the audience how to create a pattern.
Cornelius Quiring.

Growing up with a physical disability and finding clothes that fit was always a challenge.

I was very lucky that my Gran knew all of the tricks of the trade when it came to stitches and hems and patterns, oh my! She often made outfits for me from brightly colored fabrics that fit 👌

In our last members' update, Lindsay shared the socials of a TikTok creator Cornelius Quiring, whose body, similar to mine, doesn't alway fit into clothes made for standard sizes which inspired him to start making his own clothes.

Today, Cornelius uses his platform to teach folks all about sewing: from creating your own pattern block, to creating a baseball cap from scratch.

Read more about Cornelius' story below.

My Story — Cornelius Quiring
When I was young, I had an accident. Then I learned how to accept it. Now I sew clothes and share my skills.

You can preview the tutorials here:

Cornelius Quiring — Sewing Tutorials, Tips and Inspiration
I’ve been on a journey learning how to sew my own clothes. Now I’m sharing the skills I’ve learned with tutorials and inspirational content.

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