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a world where Deaf people everywhere can sign anywhere

That's the theme this week for International Week of the Deaf.

A woman leaping in the air with a sign that reads Deaf Joy is not cancelled
Deaf Joy by Syra Hassan

It's International Week of the Deaf this week from Monday, September 18th until Sunday, September 24th.

International Week of the Deaf is celebrated globally by the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) and national associations during the last week of September, culminating with International Day of the Deaf on the last Sunday of the week.

The WFD is composed of 130 national associations of the Deaf that, in collaboration with the United Nations, serve all countries with a focus on improving the human rights of deaf persons, the status of national sign languages, access to education, and access to information technology and services.

In this spirit, we wanted to invite you to visit Deaf Interiors, a multidisciplinary online exhibition presenting six Deaf Canadian artists whose featured work is the culmination of a three-month online incubator that ran online during the height of the pandemic.

Here are a few thoughts from Deaf Interiors co-curator and artist Peter Owusu-Ansah

It brought so many emotions of what we all deal with as Deaf people and artists. We share what we can do to help change the negatives we face using positive and cool vibes through arts. My reactions to what Deaf artists bring to Deaf Interiors are simply wow! They are something the public needs to witness and to learn about our differences and what we bring to life. This is not just for Deaf people, it is for everyone and anyone.

Thank you for being here ❤️

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