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🥱 Relaxed Tuesday

Essential resources on Relaxed Performance

Image of a theatre space
Image of a theatre space with two large balconies and filled with red velvet chairs

If you haven't already heard about Relaxed Performance, below are some great resources and tools for you to get familiar with. In the last 5 years, the British Council has been leading a major effort in integrating Relaxed Performance into Canadian Theatre.

If you don't know what it is, it's an adaptation of theatre spaces that essentially relaxes the rules and expectations for audience members when attending shows. For example, in a relaxed performance, you might be allowed to enter and leave the space without having to worry about disrupting the show. Other elements of a relaxed space include: dimming house lights, reducing sound levels and providing a 'chill out' space.

What's exciting is that many people in the arts are exploring how to integrate relaxed principles outside of the theatre sector. Here are two essential resources for you to get inspired and consider implementing at your next event!

Relaxed Performance Training Materials - Tangled Art + Disability
On this page you will find British Council and Tangled Art + Disability’s Relaxed Performance training materials.
Relaxed performance: exploring accessibility in the canadian theatre landscape – BODIES IN TRANSLATION

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