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how I used AI to write my bio

Does anyone need an ego boost?

how I used AI to write my bio

Today's read:

It's creepy because it's AI but it's useful and downright flattering to just type a few words into Chat GPT and let it spit out an essay about how great you are.

For me writing my own bio is one of the most painful things I've ever had to do. I can't say I've ever actually written a bio that I liked or that I feel good about.

If you read between the lines of my bio on my current profile on the Creative Connector directory, you will hear the screams of someone having their teeth pulled out. That someone being me.

Here is how you can use ChatGPT to help you with your bio.

Step 1: if you haven't already, sign into ChatGPT

Step 2: Create a new chat and add the following prompt: Write a bio for <insert your name> for <insert platform (optional)> that sounds <insert attributes your known for> given the following facts: <insert professional facts and personal facts>

Here's an example of the one I put in for myself:

Write a bio for Lindsay Fisher for Creative Connector that makes them sound human, interesting, and creative given the following facts: Founder and CEO of Creative Connector, an arts hub for artists and creatives with disabilities who want to find community and discover accessible opportunities in the arts. Received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from ECIAD University and a Bachelor of Design from OCAD University. Lives in Kingston, Ontario with her partner and two dogs. Loves chip trucks, her bed, and diving into cold lakes.

Tip: you'll probably get some pretty corny phrases like "beautiful tapestry of experiences", or "likes exploring the natural wonders of the region" so be sure to tweak the result using some of your own words!

If you want to read what the result was or want to share your own, jump over to the Slack community! If you're not on Slack, you can join by becoming a member here (for creatives with disabilities).

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Creative Connector profile image Creative Connector