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October 27th | The Poetics of Stimming with Iris Xie

This online workshop will introduce Iris Xie's specific combination of stimming as it relates to sensory self-care and how to translate that into lyric games, which are poetry games with instructions.

Promo image for "The Poetics of Stimming with Iris Xie."
Promo image for "The Poetics of Stimming with Iris Xie."

Participants will discuss how to re-center stimming away from medicalized labels and towards a self-knowledge that encourages exploration and creation of of speculative worlds for oneself and others to participate in.

Please note, spots are very limited for these sessions. We ask that you only register if you know your schedule permits. If for any reason you can no longer attend after registering, email so we can give the spot to someone on the waitlist.

Register here on Eventbrite!

About Sensory Shift

Sensory Shift: Building Online Disability Community is the second phase of a digital program series hosted by and for members of the Creative Connector community!

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Image Description: A poster promoting Iris' workshop. The Creative Connector logo is in the top left corner. In a bold, lavendar font "THE POETICS OF STIMMING" appears. Underneath "with Iris Xie. October 27th @ 2pm, register via link in bio" follows. Iris' poem on the left side, in purple font, reads, "You’re in your favorite place. You have no concerns, no worries, your favorite sounds are around you, your food is near you, your favorite people and animals are around you. Nothing bad happens."

About the Artist

Iris Xie (they/them/theirs) is a disabled, neurodivergent, queer trans nonbinary 2nd generation Chinese American multi-discipline writer, artist, and designer from the Bay Area, currently living in Davis, CA. Iris designs interactive installations involving lyric/poetry games, solo live action role playing games (solo LARPs), and stim objects that explore neurodivergence and invisibilized disability through the framework of crip technoscience and disability justice. Their knowing-making practice centers on finding rest and self-trust while traversing liminality through discovering their political identities as a disabled queer trans person of color.

Iris is also a member of the Critical Design Lab, which centers collaborative access research on disability culture and crip technoscience. They are also part of QT Labs at UC Davis, and are creating an interactive Augmented Reality installation to highlight queer and trans international grad student experiences.

You can learn more about Iris by visiting their website:

About Creative Connector

Creative Connector is an online arts hub for artists and creatives with disabilities to find community and discover accessible opportunities. To learn more about how to become a member of the Creative Connector community, visit

Alexia Vassos profile image Alexia Vassos