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Member Highlight: Lee P.

Creative Connector Member Highlight: Meet Lee

Lee, holding up a copy of hir zine "Like This: A Workbook on Consent, Desire, and Logistics" in front of hir face.
Creative Connector member Lee

Creative Connector member Lee makes zines about friendship, community, and survival. Hir works include Surprisingly OK: What Healing Trauma Feels LikePALS: The Radical Possibilities of Friendship, and Like This: A Workbook on Consent, Desire, and Logistics.

After making zines for over a decade, running a local zine distro in Ottawa, and co-organizing a zine fair, Lee recently started Sheer Spite Press, which aims to publish and distribute beautiful, affordable, useful, generous, political, funny, heart-filled books and zines.

Accept Yourself or Die has a cover image that is a collage of religious imagery and drops of blood. Crossdresser's cover image is a bouquet of flowers, half of which is pixellated.
Accept Yourself Or Die: From Mormon Missionary To Trans Punk // Crossdresser: Growing Up Trans In The 1990s And 2000s

The press recently published its first book, which is a double coming-of-age memoir by two transfemme writers.

Lee lives in Tiohtià:ke (so-called Montreal, Canada), and is a trans white settler originally from unceded Algonquin land.

Get in touch with Lee if you'd like to collaborate or talk about zines and follow Sheer Spite on Instagram.

You can check out Lee's profile on the Creative Connector directory.

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