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member highlight: Connor Yuzwenko-Martin

Creative Connector Member Highlight: Meet Connor

Connor stands in front of a screen with a projection image of a squirrel and "HEY!" in bold letters.
Creative Connector member Connor Yuzwenko-Martin.

Have you met Connor Yuzwenko-Martin?!

Connor is a member of the Creative Connector community. He's the founder and artistic director of The Invisible Practice, a Deaf arts collective based in Amiskwacîwâskahikan (Edmonton). He is also a public relations specialist, performer, producer, and playwright.

Connor has nurtured a lifelong passion for theatre and accessibility, beginning in grade school with simple skits and continuing into his young adulthood with his first professional engagement as a rookie improvisor at Rapidfire Theatre.

Deaf artists are often frustrated when performing in a language that the majority of audience members are not fluent in. The audience may be appreciative of the live voiced interpretation, but that intimate spark can so easily disappear with the added layer between performer and audience. However, if there were an integrated creative captions design that timed its projected words and animations with the ASL performance to create a seamless, mutually intelligible narrative rooted entirely in the visual realm…?

Connor’s Road is a comedic autobiography about being Deaf, Queer, and working for ten years at a massive tech company whose name rhymes with ‘maple.’ Performed in ASL with integrated creative caption projections and choreography, audiences will be taken for a quick jaunt on a hastily paved road, complete with it-really-happened stories from retail, dark twists of access intimacy, and squirrels. Lots of squirrels.


Connor stands in front of a projection screen with a slideshow featuring a squirrel doodle and a story following the animal.

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