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Member highlight: Alex K. Masse

Creative Connector Member Highlight: Meet Alex

Alex kneels in the grass with a guitar. They are wearing a lilac outfit and heart framed glasses.
Creative Connector member Alex K. Masse

Creative Connector member Alex K. Masse has a new single AUREATE ASTRONOMIES, that's out on Wednesday (April 17th)! It’s about unachievable childhood dreams due to being a multiply-marginalized person in late-stage capitalism.

I’ll never go to space, for example–living where I do, even affordable housing is hard to find!

You can pre-save Alex's single here.

A poster advertising Alex's newest single and upcoming one-act play reading.
Promo image for Faye's Room at the Roundhouse.

They also have a one-act play, Faye's Room, that is getting a staged reading at The Roundhouse in May! Faye's Room follows an autistic woman working at a queer café, the magic sensory room she summons to take shelter in at will, and how she handles being trapped in there with her least favourite coworker.

Zombies, Mannequins, and Talking Heads - Roundhouse Community Centre
A Roundhouse partnership with Realwheels TheatreWed May 8-Sat May 11Performance CentreTICKETS/INFO | FB/IG @realwheelstheatreStaged readings of three new plays from playwrights who identify with disability. Featuring Vascular Necrosis by […]

About Alex K. Masse

Alex (AKA Fairything), is a writer, musician, and communications specialist from what is colonially known as British Columbia. Their work has been seen everywhere from the Scholastic Writing Awards to Autostraddle, as well as in collaboration with Penelope Scott, Vancouver Pride, Simon Fraser University, and more. They’re also a neurodivergent non-binary lesbian, which greatly informs their process.

Check out Alex's profile on the Creative Connector directory.

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