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member highlight: D'Arcy Briggs

Creative Connector Member Highlight: Meet D'arcy

D'arcy is wearing a navy and red suit, holding a plastic rose in his left hand.
Creative Connector member D'Arcy Briggs.
Honesty, play, and co-developing a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere is at the heart of everything he does. 

Have you met D'Arcy Briggs?!

D'Arcy is a member of the Creative Connector community; he's an improviser based on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. He believes that the best way to learn about ourselves is to dedicate purposeful time and space to really listen and explore the smallest to the largest feelings we have.

Currently, he is cast as an understudy with Paper Street Theatre for their upcoming show of MYTHOS: Improvised Mythology.

He is also the co-founder of the improv group, The Bakery. If you're in the West Coast, check out upcoming shows of his on February 16th, Improv is for Lovers and in June, Islands in the Scene: An Improvised Yacht Rock Experience.

You can check out D'Arcy's profile on the Creative Connector directory.

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