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into the light

A personal story about eugenics.

Jessie Huggett covering their face with their hands
Still of Jessie Huggett from "Into the Light"

I highly recommend you take 7 minutes of your time this morning to watch "Into the Light: An (animated) interpretation of two research papers" by artists Jessie Huggett and Rachel Gray.

This short animated doc is a moving and personal telling about the history of eugenics and how it continues to shape our institutions and our communities.

Eugenists tried to take the vast diversity of human experiences and flatten it into one line.

Into the Light is an online educational journey that was designed and developed by a team of Indigenous knowledge keepers, artists, and teachers for the purpose of guiding learners through the history of eugenics told from the perspective of survivors.

Interpretations - Additional Into the Light Sources

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