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Grants for Manitoban Artists

Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba will be offering four grants of $2000 each for d/Deaf and/or disabled artists!

Art work featuring two children with a colourful background full of shapes and numbers.
Art work by Jude Palace.

Our friends at Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba have four grants of $2000 each to award to d/Deaf and/or d/Disabled artists in Manitoba. 

Made possible by the Manitoba Arts Council, these funds are awarded to emerging or professional artists from the d/Deaf and disability community to support:

  • the creation of new works
  • professional development
  • purchases for arts-related equipment
  • mobility aids to assist with art creation or presentation
  • framing artwork
  • artist fees to dedicate time to your practice
  • studio rental fees
  • website improvements

...and anything else that will help meet your artistic goals!

Check out their call for submissions below for information on requirements and how to apply. Deadline to apply is April 30th!

Calls For Artists - Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba
Current Calls AANM Arts Grant Deadline: April 30, 2024 *(3-day extensions are available by request) Amount: 4 grants of $2,000 Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba, with… Read More Calls For Artists

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