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Disrupting the museum.

Disabled artists are disrupting museums and galleries.

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As part of Europe Beyond Access's Learning Journey for Producers, Kate Marsh chairs a conversation between artists across the world about how their work is disrupting traditional museum and gallery spaces. 

The panel includes Chiara Bersani, Dalibor Šandor, and Chisato Minamimura (who you may remember was a guest artist in our programming last year!).

In their discussion, they reflect on how the absence of disabled people on gallery walls or their presence only as “freaks” and “monsters” reinforces the marginalisation and demonisation of disabled people.

Check out their conversation (closed captions available via YouTube as well as a transcript in the video's description) below!

Disabled artists disrupting the museum
This film is part of Europe Beyond Access’ Learning Journeys, a series of online toolkits and resources for disabled artists, producers and programmers, and…

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