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#CripRitual will make you smarter

Some educational modules for exploring Crip culture and ritual.

Aerial view of large hand shapes relates my life story.
Maryam Hafizirad, The Story of My World

Today's read:

The team at #CripRitual just posted educational resources on their website to help viewers get smarter about Disability art and culture.

#CripRitual is a virtual, multi-sited, participatory exhibition of artworks exploring themes of disability culture and ritual. #Crip Ritual was shown at the Doris McCarthy Gallery and Tangled Art Gallery in March/April 2022.

These latest modules have been designed for classroom settings but can also be adapted for other community and art settings!

Educational Resources
Check out these educational resource to help you and your community explore the #CripRitual exhibition to think about disability art and the concept of ritual in disability culture.

About #Crip Ritual

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