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Call for Submissions: ArtsAbly in Conversation

ArtsAbly would like to interview you!

I recently came across ArtsAbly in Conversation, a free podcast available in both audio and video formats, with closed captions and transcriptions, published on ArtsAbly’s website but also on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

It features artists, scholars, and experts discussing topics related to disability and accessibility in the arts.

Diane Kolin, the founder and Director of ArtsAbly, reached out to let me know that the organization is looking for more folks to chat with!

If you would like to talk about your work or highlight a project you're working on, contact Diane at to schedule an interview or ask for more details.

Check out their first episode featuring an interview with Dr. Eliza Chandler.

Episode 1: ArtsAbly in Conversation with Dr. Eliza Chandler – ArtsAbly
In this episode, ArtsAbly is in conversation with Dr. Eliza Chandler, associate professor in the School of Disability Studies at Toronto Metropolitan University. Dr. Chandler is deeply involved in disability arts and its connections to disability ri…

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