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Black Disabled Creatives

Inside: the Black Disabled Creatives initiative started in alliance with the disabled community, who are tired of being underrepresented and under-appreciated.

Jillian wears a yellow dress and lots of silver rings, sitting in a power chair.
Jillian Mercado, co-founder of Black Disabled Creatives.

I've been a fan of Jillian Mercado ever since she showed up on my Instagram feed two years ago.

She's a talented actor and also SO funny. She recently made a reel with Sex Lives of College Girls star Lauren "Lolo" Spencer that perfectly encapsulates the Disabled experience in the tv/film industry.

In the summer of 2021, Jillian, along with her sister and a close friend, started the Black Disabled Creatives database in order to connect people with companies and brands who were preaching the values of diversity the year prior.

Similar to our own directory, the site offers a roster of creatives from all different backgrounds and will begin posting job listings soon.

Check out the incredible resource below!

Black Disabled Creatives
To Help Bridge the Divide for Creatives with Disabilities.

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