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A coming-out film for disability.

A still from the short film "Better." A woman smiles, her sister applying glitter to her face.
"Better" written and directed by Zoe Hunter Gordon.
"Better" is a film about the importance of accepting that some of the people we love will always be ill. We hope it will encourage audiences to listen to the disabled people in their lives.

Kitty's falling in love, hanging out with a new crowd, and pissing off her family. Ruth's worried about it. But should she be?

Positioned as a coming-out short film for disability, Better explores sibling relationships and ableism within the context of disabled identity.

As a young chronically ill person, living on her own terms by the seaside, Kitty has reconciled her identity with her illness – undergoing a huge shift her family finds hard to process.

While she has grown to accept her own chronic illness, her sister Ruth struggles to let go of the idea that she may "get better” and live a non-disabled life.

This film was born from a close collaboration between writer/director Zoe Hunter Gordon and disabled producer/writer Celestine Fraser, following on from their BFI & BBC-funded award-winning documentary on disability and identity ill, actually.

You can watch the short film here.

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