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basic income for artists

Pilot projects around the world are experimenting with universal basic income for artists.

A person holding a sign is standing facing the camera.
An image from photographer Jessie Golem’s Humans of Basic Income series. Golem created the series in 2018 after participating in a basic income experiment in Ontario
The gig economy is undermining decades of worker protections. As participants, many arts-and-culture-sector workers are subject to precarious short-term contracts, without access to benefits, paid sick leave, or even employment insurance. Today, the world of general labour is looking a lot like the way art labour has looked for decades.

Basic Guaranteed Income or Universal Basic Income is a social welfare proposal and solution that would see low-income communities receive minimum monthly incomes with no conditions and as a result potentially lift people out of poverty.

In 2020 Toronto writer and editor Leah Sandals wrote an article for Canadian Art on what artists and advocates are doing to push UBI in Canada and there have been many pilot projects around the world including one in Ireland called the Basic Income for the Arts (BIA) scheme which shows early evidence of the positive results such a program could have on artist's lives.

Kevin Gotkin (Crip News) this week shared their own views on the Guaranteed Income movement in the United States and how it relates to contemporary disability politics.

MLK, Guaranteed Income, & Disability
The floor for “economic security” is lower than our organizing is recognizing.

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