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audience experience lab

We're proud community partners with the Audience Experience Lab (AXL) initiative in association with Tandem Experiences.

Poster for Audience Experience Lab
Poster for Audience Experience Lab

The AXL is an innovative idea incubator that tackles unique challenges and opportunities in audience engagement within the live arts and culture sector.

As a community partner of AXL, we've actively connected the work with audience segments, engaged local disability artist-curators, and ensured our community's unique needs are prioritized.

Join us in exploring this line-up of unique experiences and celebrating the work of these remarkable cultural connectors. You can find, save, and follow along to the experiences in the Tandem Experiences app (free in the app stores!).

Tandem Experiences - date night made easy
Date night made easy. We bundle exciting local events with food and activities so that couples can focus on spending quality time together, instead of sweating planning details.

Gaby Al Botros: A Mind Bending Journey

Allie Amplify: Relaxed Reflections

Jana Daher: Trapped in Love

Ian Garrett: A Better Traffic Jam

Yousef Kadoura: Rouge Urban Park Nature Walk

Jobran Khanji: Rock Climbing and Sushi Serenity

T. Martin: A Cup Of Joe Under Lights That Glow

Teineisha Richards: Toronto's Ultimate Night Out: Film, Food, And Beats

Alonso Rodriguez: Fun Coloured Snacks and Freestyle Art

Ruba Zouzou: Couples’ Pottery Class and Culinary Delights

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