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Haptic Voices | Now - April 26th

Haptic Voices

Promo image for Haptic Voices.

Tangled Disability + Art, VibraFusion Lab (Ontario) | More info

Haptic Voices brings VibraFusionLab’s haptic technology to an interactive hybrid-online venue. “Haptic” or the science and technology of transmitting and understanding information through the sense of touch, is expanded into large scale through a ten channel vibrotactile wall. Visitors are invited to stand against the wall to experience vibrations that are controlled by online participants. Online participants can vocalize into the microphones on their computers as the sound is played through the vibrotactile transducers in the walls in real time.

By using vibration as the final output, Haptic Voices is equally accessible to Deaf and hard of hearing communities to experience the wall. With a camera in the gallery facing the haptic wall, online participants are able to view how they are interacting with participants in the gallery.

Image Description: Haptic Voices previously installed at InterAccess. A steel frame holds 4 rows of transducers arranged to form a “wall”. To the right of the installation is a desk with a large box and computer.

Creative Connector profile image Creative Connector